BRT Bladeworks – Ben Tendick is a phenomenally skilled maker and I am a huge fan of his Japanese style blades. Ben has taught me his Tsukamaki technique and is always willing to offer his advice when I need it.

Daniel Fairly Knives – Dan is a good dude who makes very cool blades. I have always been drawn to Dan’s crisp grinds. In addition, Dan has always been most helpful with any questions an aspiring knifemaker might have.

David Sharp aka Sharpwerks – David Sharp is one hell of a maker and the quality of his work inspires me to push harder every day. Be it a Loveless pattern fixed blade or an original folder, David’s work is out of this world. Thank you for all the advice you have given me, Dave.

Dav Winch –  Dav was instrumental in getting me off the ground. He has spent a lot of time answering my emails as I was making my first few knives. Dav also greatly assisted me in making of my first folder – taking a kydex prototype and transforming it into a knife.  Thank you, Dav.

Dervish Knives – One of my favourite fixed blade makers – John Gonzalez. John is a phenomenal maker with his own unique style and flair. Every knife is a special creation that stimulates multiple senses.

Hatcher Knives – My very good friend and exceptional knifemaker, Shawn Hatcher. Shawn builds amazing knives with incredible attention to detail.  Shawn and I started making knives at roughly the same time and happen to have similar aesthetics and design principles. Shawn and I have collaborated on 2 projects and I hope we have many more in us.

Keith Fludder – Keith is an astonishing knifemaker. A knifemaker’s knifemaker, who has spent a lot of time assisting me with heat treat advice, blade finishing and even teaching me to make damascus!

Ochs Sherworx – Eric’s work is superb. Not only is he a true master of his craft, Eric is also a real down to earth person, who has always been overseeing my personal growth as a knifemaker. I spent 2 days in Eric’s workshop a few years ago, witnessing how perfection is achieved. Eric’s work is very inspirational and you owe it to yourself to check him out.

Zero Knives – It is with very heavy heart that I am updating this section. Ram has unexpectedly passed away from an asthma attack on 2nd of May 2015. We were talking one day and next day Ram was gone…. An incredible person and a talented knifemaker. Anyone who knew Ram was instantly infected with his positive attitude and a wicked sense of humour. Thank you for all you have done for me, sir. You will be missed.

Alessandra and her friends run a portal dedicated to knife reviews. There is also a nice section dedicated to knifemakers around the world with brief history and overview of each maker’s work.